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Earthside Avenue clothing try-on

My entire YouTube platform is built on reborn doll fashion, outfit changes and cute doll accessories. Over the years I have narrowed down my interests and I'm very particular on the style and colors of clothing I like to dress my dolls in. I used to only like summer season clothing, because it gave me plenty of options and I could avoid the fabrics I was mostly allergic to (like fleece, in winter time!) With more brands being concious on recycled materials and using more natural/earth toned color palettes, my options for fall and winter baby wear have expanded!

It's no where near fall season, but I couldn't resist putting Becca in this adorable knit Full Bloom romper and cardigan set from the newly launched Earthside Avenue. Knits have become my favorite thing and they are one type of clothing that I enjoy for the entire reborn crew! Earthside Ave offers this as well as baby gowns and lounge sets with their cute embroidered logo. I am looking forward to seeing the shop selections expand in the coming seasons.

Becca's Photoshoot

It was fun taking these backyard photos of Becca on her doll stand to show off her little legs. She even gave me a sassy little pose. :)

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