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dollie lover!

Welcome to DollieLovex3! Here you will find all things Reborn Doll hobby related: blog posts, articles, collection details and more! Whether you're new to the hobby and looking for information or a long-time collector interested in working with a new doll artist, there is something for everyone!



Doll related chat topics, updates and my life as a doll collector

what you'll  find here


doll collection

Frequent updates showcasing my current reborn doll collection



Your most asked doll-related questions, answered!

meet the 
doll collector

Tamara (tuh-ma-ruh) has collected reborn dolls since 2009, and has owned several different reborn dolls over the years. She shares what she has learned about the Reborn Doll hobby and its one-of-a-kind artistry on her YouTube channel DollieLovex3. Her beautiful community of over 40,000 subscribers have brought joy and fun to her life since the creation of her channel in 2015.


you're never too old for dolls.


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pumpkin doodle babies

Pumpkin Doodle Babies provides high quality Reborn Babies, Reborn Toddlers and Reborn Child dolls. Every doll is uniquely handmade by artist Kory Fann, with superior materials that transforms it into a family heirloom. You're never too old to play with dolls!

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