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Hayden & Avery: My reborn twins

Reborn dolls in general are such a cool and customizable type of collector's item. I've seen so many uniquely made dolls over the years. Some are reminders of collectors' children when they were small, some are favorite movie or book characters brought to "life" in vinyl. I've always been facinated with the concept of twins, wether it be identical twins or fraternal twins. It has always been on my wishlist to have reborn doll twins in my collection and I'm happy I was able to make that happen!

I'm a huge fan of the diverse representation that artist Vincenzina Care creates in her reborn doll sculpts. Vincenzina is the artist behind the doll sculpt Nino, a doll depicted with Achondroplasia, a form of Dwarfism. I fell in love with this adorable sculpt the moment it was released. I've seen this sculpt painted many different ways and I like every last version. With that being said, I knew I wouldn't mind having two of the same sculpt in my collection if it was Nino.

I adopted Hayden in October 2021. She was so special as she came to me during a very trying time in my life; the anniversary month of my Mom's one-year passing and during the time I weathered the storm in getting my home recovered from a tree incident. It was a lot during that time and Hayden brought me joy. I remember browsing and finding her second-hand listing by a previous collector. Hayden is reborn by Brittany Pierce of Pumpkin Sparkles Nursery.

It would be two years later before Hayden got her a twin brother. In July 2023 an opportunity for me to adopt a second Nino sculpt arrived and I couldn't pass it up. My local reborn friend Kelsey was finding a home for her Nino sculpt, created by Deborah Miller of Always Precious and Tiny Reborns. She and I both were excited to have her version of Nino join my collection. So my reborn dream came true and Avery became Hayden's twin brother.

How To Tell Them Apart?

For anyone who is new to DollieLovex3, they may not know which twin is which, especially since I think the names Hayden & Avery could be unisex (which is what I intended!)

  • Hayden is my girl twin and she is the older of the two

  • Avery is my boy twin and is the younger of the two

  • Hayden has a brown birthmark on her left leg

  • Avery has light brown hair with paler skin tone

  • Hayden has dark brown hair and slightly more tan

@tiny_twin_hearts Roleplay

I've always admired the roleplay aspect of reborn doll collecting. It's fun to watch the lifestyle videos created by doll collectors that really show off how realistic reborn dolls can be. I will be honest, I am afraid of criticism to produce my own reborn roleplay videos. Not to mention the quality of videos I'd like to make would be too time consuming on my schedule. So, I found my own way to enjoy reborn doll roleplay that's a little less pressure for me. Instagram! already enjoy doll photography and creating make-believe stories for my dolls. (Who remembers my stories long ago about my ball jointed doll characters?) I also really admire doll accounts that have an aesthetic and cohesive look; like looking through an art portfolio with curated photos. I wanted to try this for my new roleplay account and to really let my reborn twins shine and have their own space! I decided to create Tiny Twin Hearts on IG just for Hayden and Avery. This account may not get as much activity as my main account, but I truly love it and how the story is going there.

So, what's Hayden & Avery's story? You'll have to visit their Instagram to find out!

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