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Malik by Jorja Pigott

My first addition to my doll collection for 2024 is here! I have named this sweet one Khaleel. I'm excited to add another boy doll to my growing reborn family. Khaleel was reborn from the Malik sculpt by Jorja Pigott and reborn by Kory Fann of Pumpkin Doodle Babies.

I adore the sculpting of this reborn baby because of his African American features. He reminds me of my sweet husband so much! This reborn doll was a custom order with PDB. You can view his box opening video here as well as his details videos.

This morning was warm and sunny so I wasted no time in taking Khaleel outside for his first official photoshoot!

His belly plate is removable, but I the wrap around construction of it makes it easy to keep on him, even under neath clothing. Even with it on, he is still cuddly to hold. I enjoy how realistic the doll photography comes out when dolls have a tummy to show off. Suns out, bellies out!

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