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Macie by Cassie Brace (Pt. 1)

I wasn't expecting my latest collection update to be so soon...but this week I welcomed home baby Macie by Cassie Brace. I have had this cutie's name picked out since January..Ember. She is reborn by Cat (Johnson) Park of Cat Creations. Reborns & Silicones. Cat is also the artist who created my beloved Courtney. I'm honored to have this particular doll in my collection as she is the last vinyl doll that Cat will ever make since her transition to silicone painting. Welcome home, Ember!

Originally, this reborn baby doll was on layaway with the artist with the hopes of completing her adoption this summer at the Kansas Doll Show. I was looking forward to meeting one of my favorite artists in person! However, when I learned that the trip may not be a possibility for the artist after all, I decided to finish the layaway early and receive her in the mail.

Ember hasn't had her debut on my YouTube channel just yet. In the next couple of weeks she'll be taking a trip to Illinois to visit Pumpkin Doodle Babies to grow some hair! I'm creating this post so I can look back on her "before" photos later. I'm sure she's going to look very different with a full head of hair. She has a beautiful head shape and painting, but I know I'll be 100% satisfied with her new look.

Ember is so cute! Her little dainty hands and pursed lips are my favorite thing about her. She is weighted very realistically and one of my snuggliest babies to hold. I'm so grateful I was able to adopt her!

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