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Macie by Cassie Brace (Pt. 2)

My adorable Ember is back home from her trip to artist Kory Fann of Pumpkin Doodle Babies! My little bald baby now has sprouted a gorgeous head of baby soft, dark brown mohair and I couldn't be happier. She looks like a completely new baby girl.

Now that she is complete, I will be creating new YouTube content featuring Ember. Soon, she'll have her blanket reveal and details videos featured on DollieLovex3

Ember BEFORE and AFTER her hair rooting! Lighting varied that day, so her skin tone looks different. :)

I am in love with this little girl and can hardly put her down. I'm glad today was a nice day outside, so I could snap this little photoshoot with her. I can't wait to share more photos of her.

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